Beyond the Crete

The mysteries of Zeus-god’s birth in the cave of Crete and the first revolution in the world, that of Zeus-king.

A strange rape of Europe-bride by bull-king, and a sacrifice of bull-man Minotaur.

Together with the film’s authors you will find yourself in a maze of puzzles and mysteries and finally in the notorious Labyrinth, the house of the Double Axe.

Break its serpentine walls, and see that nothing new under the full Moon, and that all is changeable in the glimmer of her treacherous silver face.

See how Atlantis, revealed by Plato, looks like and hear in words of prophets an echo of distant catastrophes that ruined a legendary Lost Land.

Visit the source of her downfall – the mighty volcano of Thira. And feel the inevitability of exit beyond existence., and perceive the mystery of eternal return.

From wandering in search of a center of one self. To the center of Self.

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